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Bringing the spa experience home.

From deep within the earth, Lava Love is a natural line of volcanic clay detox baths, soaps and facial masks. They contain three of Mother Earth’s best detoxifying substances – all originating from Oregon volcanoes – to create an earthy, sensual bathing experience. Natural ingredients like Bentonite clay, zeolite and activated charcoal detoxify, while pumice gently exfoliates. Our shea butter hydrates your skin, and as an extra treat for your senses we’ve added essential oils of lavender, juniper, cedar and peppermint. Lava Love will restore your body to its natural balance and leave your skin clean, soft and kissable.


Our bodies are exposed to toxins – they’re in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we put on our skin. When added to your bathing regimen, Lava Love not only does not contain anything that’s not good for you, it actually pulls toxins from your body through the drawing action of the clay. There’s no simpler way to detox and purify your body while bringing the spa experience home!


We’re based in volcano country – Bend, Oregon – surrounded by lava fields, volcanic mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers, tall pines and wide-open starry skies. It’s a wonderful place to find balance in our daily lives as we share the message of Lava Love. Find out how Lava Love was born.

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