About Us - Lava Love
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About Us

Co-Founders, Elisabeth Dunham and Jennifer Clifton


https://www.haburda.blog/161-dte24757-dating-girl-with-depression.html Lava Love Co-Founder, Elisabeth Dunham, discovered the healing power of clay after suffering for many years with chronic Lyme disease. Despite going to doctor after doctor, it seemed that nothing could cure her from this incapacitating illness. Finally a friend brought her Bentonite clay to bathe in. She started bathing in clay and made dietary changes and got great results. She healed herself over time, restoring balance to her body, going from bedridden to working full time in a matter of months.


Inspired by her new-found health, Elisabeth shared her story with many friends, including Jennifer Clifton, who struggled with health challenges of her own. Plagued by pre-menopausal symptoms including depression, weight gain and anxiety, Jen eagerly embraced Elisabeth’s clay regimen, with great results. She lost weight and regained the balance that had been so elusive in the past few years. She was sold.


Meanwhile, Elisabeth was so happy about her new-found health that she started creating clay bath products in an effort to bring clay to as many people as possible. When she brought them to Jen, a spark ignited, Jen jumped in on the effort and together Lava Love was born!


Based in Bend, Oregon, Lava Love is expanding its line from natural clay detox baths, soaps and facial masks to include several new products. With the help of funding through an upcoming Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the company hopes to establish an outside production facility, add employees and further its mission of spreading the love – Lava Love – far and wide.


About Elisabeth


In addition to her role as co-founder and new product developer for Lava Love, Elisabeth is a certified nutrition consultant who helps clients become more mindful of their health using the same gentle system she employed. A former staff writer for http://realtysaipan.com/?x=5533. The Oregonian and the AP, she now writes for buy dapoxetine tablets online india Oregon Home and other magazines. She is also the author of the guide “Lava Love: How Mother Earth Can Heal Your Body,” due out in 2016.


About Jennifer


Jennifer, Lava Love CEO and co-founder, is an attorney in Bend. Jennifer is no stranger to startups, having founded and run two small businesses prior to Lava Love. One of them – a line of wholesome, professional dolls for girls – received national attention from the Oprah Winfrey Show, USA Today, People and the NY Times. She is passionate about living Bend’s outdoor lifestyle, family and giving back to her community.