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22 Apr Do You Have Radiation Buildup?

We get emails from people using our clay detox bath as part of their holistic treatments for cancer. If you’ve studied up on the benefits of calcium bentonite clay and zeolites you know they are great for detoxing the body of heavy metals and other...

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So why do we add activated charcoal to Lava Love?   Charcoal not only has a time-tested track record for treating a variety of health conditions and is used in water purification systems because of its ability to bind to toxins in water and purify H20.  Scientific data...

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For Mother’s Day, Lava Love is practically giving away bags of our bathing clay! You can order our 2.2 pound bags of Lava Love pure bathing clay (no added salts or scent in order to be cost effective) for a mere $20 free shipping with...

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