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buy zithromax in australia For Mother’s Day, Lava Love is practically giving away bags of our bathing clay! You can order our 2.2 pound bags of Lava Love pure bathing clay (no added salts or scent in order to be cost effective) for a mere $20 free shipping with Amazon Prime!

We got into the clay bath products business because we fell in love with bathing in clay for health and detoxification. We ended up finding Oregon sources of bentonite and its earth-bound cousin zeolite (another form of volcanic ash that is also highly detoxifying) and bam! Lava Love was born.

Both bentonite and zeolite (and our third key ingredient, activated charcoal) are all amazing all-natural alternatives for detoxing our bodies via a nice warm bath.

And did you know that these earth-friendly powders can also be used around your house? At $10  per 2.2 pound bag for our bags of clay bathing powders you won’t find a better price on the market for this multi-purpose powerhouse.

 Our Oregon-sourced volcanic ash’s adsorptive and absorptive properties make it a versatile household staple that everyone should keep in their homes.

According to an articles in Earth’s Living and Natural News here’s what you can do with clay poweder: Polishing Faucets. Volcanic ash powders have a gentle abrasive property and cleaning ability. Use on faucets throughout the home the same way you would use cleaning powder- but without the bleach and other chemicals that are bad for your health. The tiny particles found in bentonite and zeolite add just enough friction to break up dirt and other scum while effortlessly removing grease and oil.

  prices of ponstel Grease and oil spills in the garage or basement. Sprinkle the powder over the oil or grease spot. The clay will soon go to work absorbing the spill. After a few hours, go ahead and sweep or vacuum up the clay and the spot is gone!

In the kitchen.  Use our volcanic ash powder to clean grease and dirt off the stove. To clean up cooked-on stove scum, wet a cloth or soft-bristled scrubbing brush and sprinkle clay powder onto it. Scrub gently to break up the gooey grease and polish the surface. Caution: Always do a test patch first and be sure to follow proper cleaning directions for your stove’s surface type.

Earthy laundry detergent. Try mixing and storing:

4 cups washing soda such as that made by Arm & Hammer (see link below)

4 cups borax

2 cup sodium percarbonate (Oxygen Bleach)

1/2 cup bentonite clay bathing powder

1 tablespoon lavender or lemon oil.

Combine the washing soda, borax and sodium percarbonate carefully into a plastic container. Be careful not to inhale and/or wear a protective mask. In a separate container, mix the bentonite clay and the lavender essential oil. Mash this mixture around until the lavender has been evenly incorporated into the clay. It should still be mostly powdery. Add this to your powders in a container, cap it and shake well to mix everything thoroughly. The lavender or lemon essential oil smells clean and fresh and is also an excellent anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial to ensure your clothes are clean and germ-free. Use ¼ cup per standard size load.

Washing soda:

Deodorize Your Home. Got a smelly closet or sinky spot behind the sofa? Sprinkle the clay powder on the spot, let sit over night and vacuum it up the next day. In closets, you can do the same thing with smelly shoes or hats. Underneath the sink use a cloth sack or sock filled with bentonite powder to keep smells at bay.

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