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About eight months ago I shared my healing experiences with bentonite clay with Jen, my friend and client in Bend, Oregon. She had already started to make some of the dietary changes as she followed my health coaching program. But the bentonite gave her back her edge and helped her take her health to the next level. Losing 20 pounds was just icing on the cake. Then we both had enough energy to start Lava Love. We both thank God and Mother Earth for products that have helped us recover our health and bring this message out into the world.Here is Jen’s story!Two years ago I got on the scale and found out I was 20 pounds overweight. I was sad and depressed that every decade I seemed to add another 10 pounds to my frame. But at the same time I was in somewhat of a state of acceptance that as you age you just get fatter. That’s true of everyone, right? I told myself that everyone in their 40s is overweight, tired and morose. I had peaked and life was just a downhill slide from here to be lived out vicariously through my kids. And I had to say good-by to two-piece swimsuits forever.My moods were overwhelming me: Sadness, depression and anxiety much of the time. I was tired. The only thing that pepped me up was my morning coffee, but I was having about four cups to get that pep. And after four cups of coffee the anxiety would set in – so it was sort of a vicious cycle.
At the time I was seeing a therapist for PMS, which seemed to be plaguing me three weeks out of the month rather than one. The only week that seemed to be somewhat stable was the one right after my cycle. The rest of the month was fair game for bad moods.  I tried anti-depressants but they caused me to lose my edge at work. And as a lawyer you have to be quick and edgy.  On anti-depressants, I would stare out my office window, semi-catatonic, with empty files displayed everywhere, thinking ‘Where do I even start?’ This was not going to work. Then there were the sexual side effects of the antidepressants. Here I was in my ‘40s with a new marriage – and now I’ve numbed out my libido.  Seriously?So I did the anti-depressants for nine months and then I could not take the lack of real joy in my life anymore, so I quit them cold turkey (NOT RECOMMENDED). And then I was back in the shrink’s office, looking for another solution. I wanted a little anti-anxiety pill, but I had witnessed too many people suffering from their addiction to those.So, the therapist tried to give me Prozac to take only the week before my cycle or when things got a little too intense. This, too, did not work. I honestly started considering a hysterectomy and wondering if I was not experiencing premenopausal symptoms.About this time, I started talking to Elisabeth Dunham.  She told me that some cultures don’t even experience PMS or menopause because of their non-toxic, plant-centered diets.  She explained that my moods were due to the high toxic level of my body, and that especially around my cycle – the toxins (such as the heavy metals we breathe in every day) are going through my liver with my hormones.  Really? That got my interest.And then something clicked. I realized I felt toxic.  I was moody and all jacked up on coffee going a million miles a minute trying to be an attorney, super mom, super step mom, super wife and going super crazy.  So, I thought, why not give Elisabeth a try before I go get my insides cut out.

furosemide tablets 20mg to buy I signed up for Elisabeth’s health counseling.  Forty years of habits don’t change overnight and sustained support was key for me.  Rebellion dogs every step.  What? Give up my favorite junk foods? No way! Are you kidding me?  But I tried and slowly I made the changes.  Wow. Just making a few key changes – removing some of the toxic foods and adding in some of the nourishing foods – caused amazing and positive changes in my body and mind. But I still tried to desperately hang on to the old habits – my body cried out for the old stuff.

Over the last two years, I’m happy to say there has been an AMAZING TRANSFORMATION. I can’t believe I was going to surrender to the idea of that I was 42 and therefore going to be out of shape and exhausted for the rest of my life.After working with Elisabeth for the last two years, I feel better than I felt in college.  I am 42, and I look HOT!  Yes, I rocked the two-piece in Hawaii last year.  No, did not go with G string, (you are welcome) but I felt great on the inside and it showed on the outside.Slowly but surely, with Elisabeth’s help and coaching, I have been cleaning up my diet.  A major catalyst occurred when Elisabeth turned me on to bentonite clay baths to help me detoxify myself at a cellular level.  Yes, clay baths twice a week reduced my toxic levels and reduced my PMS by 80% and eliminated my headaches, anxiety, fear, depression and premenopausal symptoms that were due to toxins in my system combined with poor food choices. She explained that this would allow me to lose weight because toxins like heavy metals store in fat and once the toxic load was gone I would no longer “need” the fat to store the toxins in my body. Sure enough, after using the clay I was able to comfortably lose weight without my body rebelling with uncomfortable physical symptoms that previously occurred.Again, it was important to work with her for guidance on exactly how much clay to use and how long to stay in the bath but I built up over time and believe today that I have fully detoxified much of the pollution from my body.  Today, I am now free from all of the old PMS, except for a tinge maybe a day or two before my cycle. (Also, clay baths eliminate hemorrhoids and help with sore joints and arthritis). I feel amazing. No antidepressants or other drugs.  Just a carefully created and easy-to-execute eating plan plus a clay protocol that was tailored to me.Thanks to the dietary changes and detox I feel so energized in my body I don’t drink coffee anymore, which is a miracle, and I bounce out of bed at 6 a.m most days.  I am happy and blissful and focused at work. My adrenals and nervous system have been restored to child-like state they were when I was a kid.

check I have become so much more aware of what I put in my body.  I am so blessed to live in a beautiful town with good water and great air. I try and get outside as much as possible and slow down. And I listen to my body, and I try to love me every day by feeding my body nutrient-rich healthy food, habits that I am passing on to my kids.

aspirin germany I work full time as an attorney, and I am trying to start a business on the side while raising three children and being a wife.  My plate is full. But, I know nothing is possible today without loving myself first.  And, how do I do this? Simply by listening to my body and feeding it the nutrient rich food that Elisabeth has taught me about, and nurturing my body by detoxing and purifying with our natural clay bath products from mother earth. Life has never been so good!

I would never have been able to do any of these changes without the guide and assistance of Elisabeth.  She first informed me in a gentle loving way of the problems, she made me aware, and helped me become conscious of lifestyle changes that could change my life for the better or worse. She gently guided me, but she was honest and direct.  She is an amazing wealth of knowledge.  Having gone through many life experiences herself and come through them to the other side, she knows from experience what it feels like to transcend your thoughts and your life. She is an amazing woman and such an inspiration.

I cannot think of a better way to allocate your resources than hiring Elisabeth to teach and guide you to make life affirming choices that are going to give you health and happiness.  Don’t give another penny to the insurance companies or large medical corporations and drug companies until you have honestly and sincerely hired Elisabeth and applied her teachings to your life. You would if you loved yourself enough. And you are worth it!

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