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buy prednisone online now So why do we add activated charcoal to Lava Love?

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Charcoal not only has a time-tested track record for treating a variety of health conditions and is used in water purification systems because of its ability to bind to toxins in water and purify H20.

 Scientific data shows that this ancient healing substance really does help purify the human body in a number of ways. Among other things, charcoal has been shown to:

•  Counteract pathogens and toxins inside the human body, which is why it’s widely administered in hospitals after an accidental poisoning with drugs, chemicals and toxins. 

•  Help intestinal complaints.

•  Sooth the skin and even pull toxins from the pores.

According to an article in Underground Earth Reporter, the best long-term study on activated charcoal as an all-purpose detoxifier was conducted by Professors David O. Cooney, of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Wyoming, and Thomas T. Struhsaker, of the department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy at Duke University.

The duo theorized that the Red Colobus monkeys in Zanzibar eat charcoal from burned tree stumps and cooking kilns in order to counteract dietary toxins.


First, the team tested the next adsorptive properties of several different types of charcoal. Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid to a surface, and it’s a key element in detoxification. The scientists’ data showed them that charcoal has a strong detoxifying effect on the body and proved their hypothesis correct.

While naturally occurring charcoal has powerful adsorptive powers, Cooney and Struhsaker discovered that activated charcoal benefits were far more effective.

When we considered all of this and heard that in traditional medicine people were actually using activated charcoal mixed with water as a poultice that was placed over their liver for its detoxifying effects we decided to add it to our soaps and bathing clays to give them even a little more pulling power. Not only does charcoal help clean the water but we believe our products help pull toxins out of you! Combined with bentonite and zeolite, the charcoal gives our earth-based products a purifying punch!

 We hope you will try them and let us know what you think!

-Lava Love


Source: Underground Earth Reporter, Natural News/Lava Love files.

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