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rozith azithromycin 500mg price Jowl


1. a fold of flesh hanging from the jaw, as of a very fat person.

2. the meat of the cheek of a hog.

3. the dewlap of cattle.

4.the wattle of fowls.

Struggling with puffiness, excess fat and “olden” face on your healthy diet? Wanna get rid of that fleshy jaw, meaty cheek, dewlap or wattle?  As the co-founder of Lava Love and a plant-based health coach, I have found that combining a very anti-inflammatory diet with our Volcano Soap creates amazing results. 

This is what I do and I can literally take 5-10 years off my face with what I call my “facelift” raw foods diet/volcano soap “dermabrasion” program. Part I. The cleanse.

It’s simple. Just eat this for 3-5 days:

• Any and all raw fruits and any steamed non-starchy veggies (squash, greens, broccoli, etc). Load up on a pitcher of green smoothies and fruit salads.

• Avocado ½ to 1 a day (if you are new and wanting to be 100 percent raw then just increase your avocado to your comfort level). Best with a salad with a lowfat (maybe tahini) dressing.

• Lots of water

• A handful of zero salt nuts & seeds ok (for salad dressings etc).

• Avoid salt or have only a pinch on your salad if you eat salads.

As a backup in times of crises (when I might eat something bad): A bit more avocado and/or some cooked squash or greens (or any non-starchy veggie) on weekends. Do not use oil. Steaming is best. If you want even better results (or want to try another even deeper second week) eliminate ALL nuts, seeds and salt except perhaps chia in smoothies. If you do that eat 1-2 avocados per day.

Total raw percentage of calories for me on this plan: 99.9 (though I’m guessing you cooked food eaters can get the same results by eating more of the cooked non-starchy veggies and ditching the grains).

If you are new to cleansing and this diet makes you tired please get a colonic or do enemas. The worse you feel the more toxic you are and the more you want to take action to help those toxins move through!

This is what it looks like for me on an average day:

  • Juices and green smoothies through noon
  • “Mono” meal of one type of fruit for lunch or before early dinner
  • Big salad or roll/dip with avocado for dinner
  • Banana “nice cream” as snack. (Just Google Nice Cream for recipes).

In an emergency I can also have a little avocado before bed if I need it for sleep. Fat fruits make me sleepy.

can i buy Premarin over the counter in spain Part II: The Volcano Soap protocol. Our skin is our largest organ of elimination so taking a bath with your Lava Love Volcano Soap is a great way to expel the toxins that are trying to leave your skin during this cleansing period. Simply use the soap like a loofa – removing dead skin with all that silky pumice! If you don’t have sensitive skin then go ahead and get a nice pumicey lather going use it like your own mini dermabrasion on your face. We have a friend who spent thousands on dermabrasian and now just uses Lava Love Volcano Soap on her face every day and says it works just as well.

Between all that fresh raw food, colon cleansing and exfoliation and skin detox you should leave your 3-5 day period looking younger and fresher. Please send us some before and after pics if you like. You can message us at Lava Love on FB. 

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